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Mine are about the same age... they age very well! I am thinking of getting an epi keepall to go with one of these colors... louis vuitton purse


Delightful actually holds its shape better than you'd think when it has stuff in it. I would recommend the MM instead of GM though. Neverfull would be my 2nd choice. I love them both, but delightful is more comfy to carry for longer periods of time. louis vuitton shop


I wear mono to work and have only received one question/comment. Someone asked if it was real and when I told them yes, they were cool with it (because of the quality and how it'll last for a long time). I say if you love it, wear it! louis vuitton bag


Speedy is always RIGHT! It has been 18 years since I bought my first and I have never been without one. I had the Neverfull but sold it-did not like the skinny straps- did not like the way it did not stay cinched-it always seemed open and spilling its contents about-YEAH for Speedy! louis vuitton bag


Congrats!!! LV


Congrats, it looks great on you! lv bags

 Pochette Accesories! align="center" louis vuitton luggage 

lv bags The fuschia is very nice. I'd pick that over the camel.